Apple iPhone 11 Pro is collecting location history.

  • The researcher pointed out the location access in iPhone 11 Pro. 
  • To turn off the location, all apps have to have location access block.

Apple is generally considered a privacy choice company. The iPhone is also considered to be safer than Android smartphones and so is it. Apple CEO Tim Cook has also been criticizing Facebook from time to time and the reason for its privacy.

The iPhone 11 Pro tracks the location of users even when it should not. This kind of news is coming. That is to say, security researcher Brian Kreb. Recently, they have found that the iPhone 11 Pro tracks the location even when you have kept the location off. This matter seems serious.

If you are an iPhone user or have ever used an iPhone, then you will know that a small arrow icon appears at the top of the screen when the location is turned on. This means the location is on. Similarly, this arrow icon is not visible when the location is off. However, in the settings, you also get an option to hide arrow icons.

Researcher Brian Krebs of KrebsOnSecurity has said that he had turned off the location of the iPhone 11 Pro, yet other iPhone apps were accessing his location. However, this problem is not found in other iPhones other than this model.

Despite the location being off, Brian Krebs reached out to Apple Support regarding the location access case by the app. He gave information about this in the Apple Support Forum, but the response of Apple was such that it is not a mistake. Not only this, but Apple has also said that the company does not think that it can cause many problems with users about security.
An Apple engineer said in the statement, 'It is expected that the location service icon appears in the status bar when the location is turned on. This icon is visible for system services whose settings do not switch.

Krebs wrote in his blogpost, 'Apple's new iPhone 11 asks for users' location even when you have set the NeverRequest data for all applications and system service'

There is an easy way to turn off location on iPhone, you can turn it off by going to Settings with the privacy option, but this does not ensure that no app is accessing your location anymore.

To block location access by an app, there is an option to go to different apps and block location access there. But this security researcher has found that the location is being collected despite turning off location in different apps in iPhone 11 Pro. Earlier, people had reported this kind of problem with iOS 13.

At the moment, it has not been clear from the statement of Apple's engineers why this is happening. Even if Apple does not find this mistake, but it is a problem for a user.


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