Samsung Galaxy Fold Review- catchme11

  • The display of the Galaxy Fold is smooth and fast to turn. 
  • Performance and battery backup are excellent. 
  • The phone feels fragile and needs to be used carefully.

Galaxy Fold has been launched in India some time ago. Some people are also buying it. After news of a smartphone with a foldable display for some consecutive years, Galaxy Fold became a reality and we have used it for a week. Now, based on this, we tell you the review of Galaxy Fold.

Next-generation smartphone, the smartphone with advanced technology, smartphone one step ahead - such things are being said about this smartphone. But will this smartphone really become practical in the coming time? Will companies price the smartphone with a foldable display in such a way that a normal smartphone customer can buy it? You will also have many questions in your mind.

Since the price of Galaxy Fold in India is more than 1.5 lakh rupees, it is obviously not for everyone. But those who are preparing to buy it or if you are interested in a smartphone with a foldable display, then definitely read this review.

Design and Build Quality

Galaxy Fold is divided into three parts. By unfolding the phone off, you get a cover screen which is 4.6 inches. By opening, you get the primary screen which is the largest and it is 7.3 inches. Finally, its rear panel comes where three cameras have been given. The fingerprint scanner is given on the phone side.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Review- catchme11

The phone did not turn backward, so the company has given a locking hinge in it, which is called Dual Axis Locking System. It is very easy to fold and unfold the phone and it feels like a delicatessen. There is a feeling like using flip phones. The design is good, the build quality is also good. This phone is heavy and weighs 276 grams. If you use the phone by folding, then it takes too long and looks like Nokia E90 Communicator. Although it fits easily in the pocket

You will not be able to use it with one hand by opening it. You have to use both hands. When using the primary screen it feels fragile and you will not want to force too much on it, because you know that its screen is turning from the middle. The company has tried its best to make the phone solid since it is a first-generation foldable smartphone, then you will understand it easily.


In Samsung Galaxy Fold, as we mentioned above, two displays have been given. The cover screen is 4.6 inches which is 1680X720p. The primary foldable display is 7.3 inches and it is 2152X1536p, it is super AMOLED.

In the center of the primary display, from where this phone turns, you will be able to see the crease. However, this crease will not be visible to you when you are watching video content on the phone or using an app. If the screen is black then you will notice the crease easily. You need to take some care in folding.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Review- catchme11

Samsung has always been the market leader on display and this thing is well visible in Galaxy Fold. Here you get the support of HDR10 +. Brightness is good, colors are accurate. Our experience of watching videos on Netflix and other streaming platforms on a 7.3-inch display has been fantastic. However, due to the aspect ratio of some videos, you will see letterboxing up and down. If you are reading some articles on the phone, then the front camera module on the right corner will hide some text or photos.

The screen is also good in outdoor, especially when you use its cover screen in outdoor, it will be a good experience. The screen is bright enough so that you don't have any problem seeing the display even in light.

One thing is certain that normally you will use its cover screen more. Because every time, everywhere you will not be in a position to unfold it. Unfolding with one hand and using it can prove dangerous. I have also used its cover display most of the time. Now the problem here is that this display is quite thin. However from here also you can do all the work that will display the primary, even you will be able to play games like Call Of Duty on this small screen.

If the company had done more work on the cover screen then this smartphone could have been even better, because the cover screen seems quite small. This should have been dragged further and the chin could have been diluted so that the screen could be larger.

Performance and software

Galaxy Fold is not the best in terms of performance but is good. The company has given many experimental things which can be cured slowly. The company has also done a lot of work on software. This smartphone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. In the case of multi-tasking, this smartphone is king. The company has done a lot of its software and has made the interface so that you feel that you are not using traditional smartphones.

While using it many times, I thought that if the company wants to mainstream this smartphone, then what will happen to the Galaxy Note series. Even if you have not been given S Pen in Galaxy Fold, but there is no answer in Multi-Tasking.

You can do heavy gaming in Galaxy Fold. I have just tried Call of Duty: Mobile. But could not play for long. The reason is its display because in gaming you are often aggressive and touch the screen loudly and there are chances that its screen may get damaged.

Most apps work well on a large screen. The experience of using social media has also been fantastic. We have already told you about the videos that the experience of watching videos in it is also good.

You can do different work by opening three windows simultaneously on the display. Watch the video as an example, use Twitter and you can also chat on WhatsApp. Here you get the benefit of big-screen completely.

Cover Screen You are watching YouTube videos and as soon as you unfold the phone, that video will appear on the big screen. This support is also given in more apps. You can enable this by going to the display settings. This is a very useful feature.

Using different apps, organizing and switching to other apps - all these things work very well in this smartphone, or rather they are the best. The phone does not lag, it is fast, it is smooth. After unfolding the fold, the screen of the phone remains stable and the apps load very fast.


There is a total of six cameras in Galaxy Fold. Three Cameras on the rear panel. One selfie camera above the cover display and two cameras above the large display. That is, you are not going to have any problem with photography because of the display that turns.

Talking about camera specs, the cover display has a 10-megapixel camera. On unfolding, you will get two cameras of 10 megapixels and 8 megapixels.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Review- catchme11

Talking about the main camera given on the rear panel, here is a 12-megapixel lens and a 12-megapixel telephoto lens. A lens is ultra-wide. This entire setup is the same as the Galaxy S10 Plus. The photography from the rear camera will be similar to that of the Galaxy S10 Plus.

We have also told you in the review of Galaxy S10 Plus that this camera module is very excellent and you can do good photography with it. Ultra wide-angle lens is quite aggressive and this gives greater coverage in the clicked photos. You can read the full review of the Galaxy S10 Plus by clicking here.

After doing normal photography, you get the best quality. You will notice noise in the photography with less light. Talking about the selfie camera, two cameras have been given above the primary display, one of which is an RGB sensor. It has support for live focus and can click selfie properly. But again, it is not the best experience. Similarly, there is a front sensor given above the cover display from which you can also click the selfie, which is the average.

Battery backup

The Galaxy Fold has a 4,380mAh battery. Even if you find it less powerful in terms of the display given in Fold, but the battery backup of this smartphone is the best. There is also support for PowerShare and wireless charging. With the PowerShare feature, you can charge any other wireless charging smartphone or accessories. Fast charging has been supported, but if you charge it with a traditional charger, it will take several hours to be fully charged.

A mixed-use of this smartphone will get a full-day backup. Runs from 9 am to 7 am and 30% battery remains even after that. Standby backup is also good. Since I have generally used the cover display of this smartphone more, due to this the backup is even better. If you use heavy, you will still be able to use it comfortably from morning to evening without charging in between. It will run more than 24 hours comfortably in normal use.

Should you buy this smartphone?

Galaxy Fold is an expensive, delicate and futuristic smartphone. There is no response to this smartphone in almost every segment, from performance to display. But this is a first-generation foldable smartphone, so you have to keep in mind the drawbacks that we have mentioned. However, if your budget is up to 1.5 lakh then you buy this smartphone, you will not be disappointed.

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