Top 5 car insurance companies in India

The market is working with many insurance companies, which brings you to the obvious question on how to choose the best car insurance company in India

This question is impossible to answer, as all the major companies promise to provide the best car insurance policy in India. However, according to professionals and industry experts, it is considered a sage and smart decision to go for companies that have a good reputation with sales service. To make such a move you should be on the ball and consult the experts to get a comprehensive insurance policy for your most prized possession.


According to the Indian Motor Act 1988, it is very difficult for you to have third-party motor insurance. To make your penny count, go for a car insurance that looks at the big picture and cover:


  • A vehicle only upon your loss or loss to a third party
  • Damage or damage to your vehicle due to any natural or man-made disaster

 Car Insurance in India: A Brief Approach

 There are mainly three types of car insurance in India, namely:

 • Two-wheeler insurance • Private car insurance • Commercial auto insurance

 Of the three, two-wheeler insurance tops the demand list for car insurance in India. This is followed by private car insurance and commercial vehicle insurance. The pie-chart mentioned below will throw some light in this regard.

Top 5 Car Insurance Companies: A Sneak Peak

 Keeping in mind the various required parameters (like claim settlement ratio, service support, payment options, and customer satisfaction) we have compiled a list of the top 5 car insurers in the country that are worth your time. Want to know what the top-notch car insurers have for you? Read further to clear all your doubts.

1. ICICI Lombard

 ICICI Lombard has outpaced other insurance providers in the race for 'Best Car Insurance Company in India'. ICICI Lombard General Insurance is completely focused on customer satisfaction and special emphasis on it. ICICI Lombard General Insurance puts forward an array of add-on covers along with base covers. The Third Party Motor Insurance Plan at ICICI Lombard ensures maximum security.


 • Cashless settlement in 2900+ network garages

 • Towing Support

 • Online purchase of EMI

 • Doorstep surveyor facility

2. Tata AIG

Leading in second place is Tata AIG General Insurance The company which provides insurance for commercial vehicles, cars and second-hand cars. Add it, it has been awarded as the best claims service company in the past.



 • Warranty on repair

 • Claim settlement in 7 days

 • pick up free car

 • Cashless Settlement in Network Garage

 • Unique Add-ons

 3. Bajaj Allianz

Bajaj Allianz is one of the most popular car insurance providers in the market. Equipped with unique facilities, Bajaj Allianz has served many customers across the country. Along with comprehensive plans, Bajaj Allianz also offers a range of add-on covers to car owners. Bajaj Allianz Motor Insurance Policy comes in 3 different plans like Best Value, Standard and Flexible Plan.



 • 1 lakh additional coverage

 • SMS update for motor claim status

 • 1500 garages across the country that provide free service

 • During breakdowns or accidents, the towing facility is offered

                        Car Insurance comparison

 4. Bharti AXA Insurance

 Easily tagged as one of the largest car insurance company in the country, this company maintains a long list of benefits to customers that are its selling point.



 • key is lost

 • Online purchase offers for the whole family

 • The cost of repairing rubber, batteries, and bags is covered

 • 100% guarantee of repayment on depreciable portion during settlement

 • Payment for medical, hospital and ambulance fees

 • Approved garages provide free service

 5. Oriental insurance

 Owned and managed by the government, Oriental Insurance has been reviewed as one of the best of its kind in the market. Apart from the base car cover, Oriental Insurance also offers add-on cover. The premium for The oriental insurance car cover is worked out by various factors such as IDV, cubic capacity, age, and the area of ​​vehicle registration. The insurance of the car insurance plan offered by Oriental Insurance is the IDV of the vehicle.



 • High claim settlement ration

 • Valuable Add-ons

 • reliable and authentic

 • First Claim Settlement

 Car insurance, if nothing, provides little relief during an accident or theft incident. This is considered one of the most important tasks to be done after purchasing a car.

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