Asus ROG Phone 3 Review: Gaming Smartphone with Best Performance
The Taiwanese company Asus has recently launched its new gaming smartphone ROG Phone 3 in India. This smartphone has top hardware and claims that it is a great option for gaming.

What are the features and drawbacks of this smartphone? We will talk about it in this review. Does this smartphone justify its price? We will also tell you about the camera, performance, and power backup in this review.

Design and Build Quality

There is nothing new or revolutionary in the design, but whatever changes have been made are excellent. You can guess this yourself by looking in the photos. Not new or revolutionary, because Rog Phone 2 and Rog Phone 3 seems to be similar to each other.

Talking about the rear panel of the phone, it is solid and it definitely looks like a premium gaming phone. The camera module is a bit odd and could be vertical.

The rear panel is slippery and fingerprint magnets. But the good thing is that with this in the box you will get a great cover which you will like a lot. This not only protects the phone but will also give a better grip to hold the phone during gaming.

Asus ROG Phone 3 Review: Gaming Smartphone with Best Performance

The setter has the ROG logo which is lit. You can customize its color and frequency and set it according to your mind. A transparent place will be seen in the rear right of the phone, which gives the phone a different look. Also, there are some lines on the rear panel of the phone, which works to design and make the phone reflecting when the light is received.

The phone has two charging ports so that if you want to charge it during gaming, then there will be no problem in holding it. Along with this, the accessory connector is also provided on the side.

For gaming, you will also find air triggers in it which are on the site side of the phone. It will not look and the company has given it the name of the ultrasonic button. You can customize it for gaming. Air triggers work very fast and smooth and once you get your hands on it, you can do next-level gaming.


The ROG Phone 3 has a 6.59-inch Full HD AMOLED display and also has support for HDR 10+. The display is good and bright as well, the fingerprint scanner is also given in the display itself.

This phone has the support of a 144hz refresh rate, which is probably found in a smartphone of this price from another company. You can set the phone to 60Hz, 90Hz, and 120Hz from the settings.

The response to the display of this phone is good even from gaming to normal use. The colors are also accurate and the display is so bright that you can see the contents of the phone even in outdoor.


Asus ROG Phone 3 Review: Gaming Smartphone with Best Performance

Since the call of duty has been banned in India. So obviously you cannot play Call of Duty Mobile on it. But there are many options out of which good games are also available from PUBG.

However, before the ban, I have tried much high graphics-heavy gaming including Call of Duty, PUBG Mobile. Dedicated control given for gaming will have to be used in the beginning. After the Habit, you will get a different experience of gaming.

Air triggers work accurately and this time the company has given a display with a high refresh rate that keeps you real-time very active during gaming.

There are two ports for charging, that means if you charge the phone even during gaming, there will be no difficulty in holding the phone. The phone does not heat up, continuously you can be relaxed gaming.

The display is good for this reason and there are dedicated graphics so that you will be able to see and understand the graphics of gaming. We did not see any kind of lag during gaming. You can do gaming with full settings, but for multiplayer gaming, you have to have a high-speed wifi connection, otherwise no matter how good a gaming phone is, there is no benefit.

The phone has no difficulty in performing other tasks for gaming. The user interface of the phone is a gaming-based which you will like. You can control the lights on the back of the phone and change the color.

You can also do heavy apps and multitasking because the phone's display is so big that you won't have any trouble. You will have some difficulty in using the phone with one hand. Sometimes the phone has the problem of overheating which can bother you. But this will happen when you are gaming continuously. This is not the case with normal use.

The camera of this smartphone is good. But it can be improved even further. With this, you cannot photography at a professional level. However, it is important that the camera given in it can record decent photos and videos.

Battery backup

The battery backup of this phone could have been further improved. However, in mixed-use, you can remove a good backup from it. If you do gaming, you will definitely get less backup. Since the phone is easy to charge even during gaming, the battery will not be a big concern.


 ROG Phone 3 is a good mix of good design, powerful hardware, good performance, and great display. Overall this phone is solid. This phone is definitely a bit heavy and the camera is also averaged. If you are planning to take a phone for gaming, then this phone will be good for you not only for gaming but also for normal use.

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