Follow these five easy ways to use WhatsApp with safetyWhatsApp: 5 Tips to Make More Secure and Safety

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging platform by people today. Users use it for calling, video calling, and messaging. Since it is end-to-end encrypted, this platform is also secure. In such a situation, your chats and calls cannot be seen and heard. But still, you can follow some tips to stay alert from some scams, etc. and unknown people, which we are going to discuss here.

1. Make sure only your contacts see your profile picture.

WhatsApp gives you the freedom to see only your contacts for your profile picture. For this, you have to go to the settings and click here in the account and then go to privacy. Here you will see options regarding the profile photo, from which you can select My Contacts.

2. Block people you don't want to chat with

WhatsApp: 5 Tips to Make More Secure and Safety

It happens quite often that we also save our phone contacts of many people with whom we do not want to chat, but only for other tasks, it is necessary to keep the number. It would be better to block such people on WhatsApp.

3. Do not share your bank details with anyone in WhatsApp

Scammers and hackers have access to many places after much security. They try to trap people in new ways. In such a situation, never share any sensitive information like OTP or bank details by any unknown person.

4. Do not reply to any unknown call or message which has a different country codes.

The country code for India is +91. Many times scammers masking their number to look like international calls and to trap people. In such a situation, if you have any doubt that your relative or friend of this number is not present in the foreign country, then do not receive it.

5. Activate Two-Factor Authentication

WhatsApp: 5 Tips to Make More Secure and Safety

This feature lets you double-lock the account. At the first level, you will secure your account with a face-lock, fingerprint lock, or code lock. And will add the registered number in the second level.

In such a situation, whenever you change your main device and when you have to set your WhatsApp account in a new device. The app will send you OTP to the registered mobile number. This OTP will help you to set up WhatsApp account in the new device. Keep in mind that you should never share this OTP with anyone. Because it is possible that someone tries to log in to your account and accidentally gets this OTP.

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